have been working for a few days on making some image selections and converting it to musical form.

This is (roughly) the way this works for us:

  1. we play and capture improvised sets on a daily basis, trying to come up with interesting musical phrases and forms, as well as work on communication and connection.
  2. we sift through the (quite large) amount of photographed material we collected so far, trying to identify the forms that have the most meaning to us. we often try to attribute certain textures in image to textures in sound. this is what we’ve worked out so far:
  3. we print out simple drafts of the images and add markings and indications to them, trying to indicate meaningful artifacts or significant parts (see below):
  4. finally we work these loose scores into music (as well as realize which ideas work better and which worse)

once certain ideas take a clear shape, we generate a final printed score.

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