Andalous is better than Samurai

Our arrival in Brussels was greatly affected by the horrible terror attack that took place yesterday in Brussels airport and one of its Metro stations. The city is greatly troubled and so are we. As irrelevant as this work may sometime seem to me, it is important to remind ourselves that art in all its forms is the substance that help people heal and get over such trouble.

Partially as a way of dealing with the weight of the events we occupied ourselves with building up our workplace for the next two weeks in one of the rooms at Q-O2. 20160323_174157Building was followed by a quick setup test recording after which we decided to leave the studio and have a look at the neighborhood around us – one of the areas most affected by the attacks since the attackers are suspected to come from here.

As part of our project we plan to use imagery from the city to generate scores for music, so walking around town and trying to spot strong images is part of the process. It gets a little awkward though when the city is so overwhelmed by emotions as well as so many people with cameras. Walking through the  streets quickly showed us that life and hope is very strong here and was very encouraging.  We came across lively people, incredible press presence, children, crowded markets and even this lovely vibraphone like arrangement of bird houses (below). Life is strong.


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